Machinery development reached by means of New Széchenyi Plan


Kincses Tools Inc. considers best quality the most important in its activity. To reach that, we need not only skilled staff, but also appropriate machinery. In accordance with that we wrote a successful application for developing our machines, and as a result we were able to exchange our older machines for modern ones.

The following machines were purchased:

 Optimum Derhmaschine D420x1000 Optimum Derhmaschine D420x1000 

Optimum Derhmaschine D420x1000

TRX-100 fröccsöntőgép   TRX-100 Fröccsöntőgép

Tederic TRX-100sv injection moulding machine

Optimum szalagfűrész  

Optimum S275G bandsaw


 Optimum B24H desktop drilling machine

CAD/CAM system purchased


We have purchased SolideWorks CAD/CAM system of 2013, which made it possible to get working faster, and manufacture more expensive and high profile tools in a precise way.